Bird watching around the Borgata Lodge and Quail Ridge Resort, Kelowna BC

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Of course our famous Quails are plentiful & a delight to see and interact with. They often play in groups and scuttle around in the early mornings singing their soft song. Very difficult to get close to them.

Our mornings often start with the song of happy finches busy feeding at the start of the day. The lodge is home to Swallows and they can be somewhat aggressive in spring while nesting if one can get close to them. Please read the story of Tweets and below is more on species and our area.


Tweets of the Borgata Lodge at Quail Ridge Resort

We have a very nice story to tell you about a young sparrow ( known as Tweets ) who was found injured while a baby. Mrs. Judy Chapman of Premier Canadian Properties cared for this bird and brought back to a healthy state.  It stayed around the lodge for quite some time as it felt like this was home.  When I first came here I stayed in suite 321 on the north side of the building, at the time I didn't know Mrs. Chapman. We were enjoying the view of the golf course and lake from the deck around 7pm. Suddenly a small sparrow flew up and landed on the railing only 5' away. As a joke I said hi pretty bird, come and perch on me. I held out my hand with my finger out for a perch as a joke. To our amazement the bird cautiously came closer while walking across the table. I reached out very slowly and Tweets hopped on my finger as if it was just a normal part of the day.  Tweets was content to just stay for about 5 minutes. Crawling up my arm and perching on my shoulder. Eventually Tweets perused the table for some crumbs and found a couple then jumped on the railing and gave us a last nice look and then flew away. We sat in amazement and felt very special to have encountered mother nature in such a way.  8 months later in a conversation with Judy somehow I recalled this special moment and told her about my experience only to find out this was obviously her special friend Tweets. Below are some photos Judy was able to give me. Enjoy !

kelowna bird watching okanagan kelowna bird watching

kelowna, okanagan bird watching

Famous "Tweets of Quail Ridge Kelowna"

The spring brings in aggressive humming birds, often they will empty a feeder in only a day or 2 ! Keep your eye out for several species.

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While playing the golf courses keep an eye out for super large Ravens, some have been noted to have a wing span of around 8 feet !  One often wonders after making a golf shot that they are cackling in humor while watching us.

Eagles & hawks can be seen perching on the highest points.  Sightings of Owls are common.

On the links part of the Quail and Bear Golf Courses there are several ponds which host a variety of birds. Kelowna Springs Golf course also has several ponds that are host to many species of birds, so enjoy what you see while you play your game.

See a variety of species from majestic Blue Herons to families of migrating Ducks, Geese, Blackbirds, Magpies, Pheasants,  Lazuli Buntings, Chickadee's, Blue Jays, Woodpeckers , Least Flycatcher, Black-backed Woodpecker, Lark Sparrow
Northern Goshawk, Dickcissel, Eurasian Collared-Dove, Barred Owl, Double - Crested Cormorant.

Semipalmated Sandpiper
Western Sandpiper
Least Sandpiper
Caspian Tern
Gray Partridge
Peregrine Falcon
Sage Thrasher


Rare and endangered species include

For more information on our area and our environment please visit the Allan Brooks Nature Center.

Just 25 minutes from the Borgata Lodge just off Highway 97, visitors leave the traffic and city behind to experience the diverse nature of the North Okanagan at the award winning Allan Brooks Nature Centre. The breathtaking view surrounding this ridge top location is a perfect introduction to the diverse nature of the North Okanagan.

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